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Crafting Handmade Clothing
for Homeless LGBTQ+ Youth

At least 40% of the homeless youth in New York City identify as LGBTQ+. Knit the Rainbow works to empower and protect these youth by providing them with handmade knit & crochet winter clothing accessories. 


Homeless LGBTQ+ Youth in the U.S.A.


Homeless LGBTQ+ Youth in NYC


Beds dedicated to Homeless LGBTQ+ Youth in NYC


NYC LGBTQ+ Youth left  unprotected during the winter


Knit the Rainbow

Knit the Rainbow (KtR) was founded in 2020 to help homeless LGBTQ+ youth in New York City survive the brutal winters. All of our handmade garments are made with love by our volunteers across the country and placed right in the hands of those in need. 


Continuing to Grow

While Knit the Rainbow currently only operates in 4 states, our aim is to expand so we can provide clothing for homeless LGBTQ+ youth across the Nation. In addition, we hope to expand our programming to provide knit/crochet classes and programs for the youth we serve.

Austin Rivers and knit the Rainbow


We are always looking for more knitters and crocheters! No matter where you live, you can craft handmade clothing items, send them to us, and we will distribute them in our 4 target states.

All the Latest Updates

Knit the Rainbow is a new organization and we are continually growing. Stay up-to-date with all of our new programs.

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Our team operates Knit the Rainbow because they each share a passion for solving the housing crisis facing LGBTQ+ youth.

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